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We have experience, proof, and we absolutely love growing accounts and implementing digital marketing strategies – it actually excites us! Our team would love to help you grow your business in the digital space and beyond by attracting REAL super-fans to your page and then converting them to customers! The best time to get started was yesterday. Let’s get to work!

McCall Digital Marketing

Meet the Team

Passionate & Experienced Industry Leaders
with Proven Digital Marketing Success

Caitlin McCall

Caitlin McCall

Owner & CEO

Elyse Merbach

Sr. Marketing Account Manager

Mitch Griesser

Finance & Accounting

Julia Anderson

Paid Ads & Web Dev Expert

Victor Lucca Ferreira

marketing Consultant

Franco Duarte

Marketing Consultant

Mission & Vision

what we believe in


Our mission is to help businesses increase their impact and achieve their goals by creating dynamic marketing campaigns.


McCall Digital Marketing’s vision is to help 100K businesses.